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Keep Your Memory Sharp as you Age

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Keep Your Memory Sharp as you Age

Maintaining mental function is important to living independently at any age. Aging may cause a decline in short-term memory and the speed of processing information. However, most people can maintain or increase their mental abilities by keeping their brains engaged. This is great news! As your local resource for all topics senior living related, The Glenview at Pelican Bay is once again providing you with great information.

Here we explain how older adults can take action today to fight off memory loss. We’ll give you insights into what the experts say about keeping your memory sharp, suggest activities or exercises to strengthen your ability to remember things, and offer valuable resources you can use to learn more.

Use It, or Lose It

Dr. Roger Landry, a visionary thought leader on aging and author of Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging, says, we need to “use it, or lose it.” And this means in all areas of your lifestyle–physical exercises, intellectual programs, social activities, etc. Here are some thoughts:

  • Keep moving! Experts have proven that older adults who engage in regular physical activity not only maintain their physical function but their cognitive function, as well. Increased exercise promotes the growth of new brain cells and enhances the function of the central nervous system, especially memory. At The Glenview, fitness classes, including water aerobics in a heated pool near a newly remodeled sun deck and spa, help residents keep fit physically and mentally.
  • Challenge your brain! Your brain needs nutrition, and to keep your mind and memory sharp means you have to feed it with new information and experiences. The Glenview offers a complete buffet of learning and knowledge for residents, including educational seminars, expert panels, informational workshops, health care updates, and book clubs.
  • Stay connected! Sure, it’s nice to do things by yourself—read a book, do a crossword puzzle, write letters. These activities engage your mind. But studies have shown that social support in a group setting can also improve mental performance in older adults. Especially in games, such as completing a jigsaw puzzle with a partner. It’s the support, encouragement, and interaction with one another that makes the difference in memory, speed, and proficiency in completing the task. At The Glenview, activities such as card games, puzzles, models, and board games are readily available for group activity.

And just interacting with neighbors and friends helps you train your mind to remember the details of their lives as you interact with them regularly. Weekly cocktail parties with live musical entertainment,

seasonally themed celebrations, and social excursions around Naples promote these healthy interactions for residents of The Glenview.

Besides moving, challenging your brain, and staying connected, Dr. Landry includes two more tenets of successful aging that we’ve come to recognize as clever and very real contributors to memory boosting:

  • Never act your age
  • Laugh—a lot!

Memory games for anyone. . . anywhere.

In our quest to bring you information, tools, and activities for keeping your memory sharp, we discovered the 10 Best Brain Games for Seniors That Improve Memory and Mental Health.” Memory loss does not have to be part of aging. Brain exercises and brain games can help fight it off. Try these!

Two more great resources to boost brain health . . .

. . .  and help you build your personal plan to keep your memory sharp:

  1. “Successful Aging,” by John W. Rowe, M.D., and Robert L. Kahn, Ph.D.
  2. “The Longevity Bible,” by Gary Small, M.D.


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