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Trending: How The Glenview Is Keeping Up With What Seniors Want Most in 2022 and Beyond

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Trending: How The Glenview Is Keeping Up With What Seniors Want Most in 2022 and Beyond

Retirement communities today are not the same as a decade or more ago. At The Glenview and other communities, residents and seniors looking to make their next move in retirement are looking for high-spirited places with robust lists of entertaining activities and top-notch amenities to continue their vibrant lifestyle. As we make our way through 2022 and see new trends emerge in senior living, The Glenview is proud to check so many boxes for seniors today. Here’s a look at 5 reasons The Glenview might just be the perfect fit for seniors in 2022 and beyond.


  1. Location, Location, Location.
    If you’ve ever spent time in Naples, you’ll know what a treat it is to call the lovely area “home.” But The Glenview goes a step further to take advantage of our coastal location: the luxury of a residence with access to the private Pelican Bay Beach. Exclusive beach club access, with shuttle service included, provides the ultimate Florida gulf coastal experience that is second-to-none, and our residents enjoy it every day.


  1. Health and Wellness Made Simple.
    One of our top priorities at The Glenview is ensuring that every service a resident may need is easily accessible. This is especially important when it comes to health and wellness. Things like regular check-ups, flu shots, and medical consultations are made easy through our onsite wellness clinic. There’s massage, podiatry, and holistic approaches to wellness, again, right here onsite. We’ll also provide free transportation to and from appointments to make your access to medical care outside of the community simple and convenient.a. In addition to the wellness clinic, residents at The Glenview have a whole host of exercise opportunities to choose from like swimming, water aerobics, and indoor exercise classes, including yoga, weights, and jazzercise. They can also take advantage of the fresh air by taking walks on the beach and beach paths or participating in sports and activities at the Pelican Bay Community Center (residents are automatically members!) We know our residents are happier when they’re healthy, and we make every stride to ensure they are!


  1. Delicious Dining with the Flexibility You Want.
    Residents at The Glenview enjoy some of the best dining Naples has to offer. Our exquisite restaurant-style dining boasts a menu hand-selected by our executive chef and is comprised of fresh, in-season meats and produce. Fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables are delivered daily, six days a week, so residents enjoy fresh and flavorful dishes as often as they wish. Plus, dining plans offer the flexibility to dine when and where you’d like.


  1. Favorite Pastimes and New Pursuits.
    One thing we know and love about our community of residents is their passion for continuing their favorite hobbies and pastimes and their eagerness to learn, do, and pursue more! That’s why we offer such a robust calendar of creative and educational activities so each resident can find or continue their passion at The Glenview. There’s an art studio, a hobby studio, and a library on campus where residents gather for crafting or book clubs. Educational seminars led by experts in various fields are popular and planned frequently. Opportunities for further education and exploration abound here, and they are part of what makes The Glenview such a special home to all of our residents.


  1. A Sense of Adventure and Fulfillment Found Here.
    There are so many ways to enjoy each and every day right here at The Glenview. But we know our residents are an active bunch who want to continue to get out and about, experiencing all that Naples and the surrounding area have to offer. We coordinate boating trips and excursions, visits to the zoo and botanical gardens, performances at The Phil (Artis Naples), and so much more. Plus, there are opportunities for residents to volunteer in the greater community and continue to feel a sense of purpose and adventure year after year.


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