Myth Busting — The True Benefits of a LifeCare Community

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Myth Busting — The True Benefits of a LifeCare Community

Modern seniors are redefining what it means to grow older.

They want to command their days and remain in control for as long as they can. Take it from Life Care Services® (LCS), a trusted leader in the senior living industry and the management company for The Glenview at Pelican Bay (The Glenview). Senior living trends for the remainder of 2020 and into next year reflect older adults’ needs for independence, choice, and freedom.

What does this mean for you as you seek the perfect place to spend retirement? An abundance of OPTIONS to choose from.

It will become increasingly important for you to understand all these options in order to cultivate a lifestyle that continues to fill your days with purpose and peace leading to healthy aging. We have addressed some of the basic LifeCare Community options in our March Blog and encourage you to re-visit this information. With senior lifestyle choices increasing in numbers by the day, we caution you regarding the MYTHS you may encounter during your search. We’ll dispel a number of these misconceptions in this blog. But first, let’s qualify our message here with a couple of assumptions.

As you read on, you’ll discover we’ll concentrate on independent living or “active aging.” This is defined by the World Health Organization as “the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation, and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age.” Rather than skilled nursing or assisted living, this blog focuses on your quest for active aging, as well as a vibrant community atmosphere like you’ll find at The Glenview—our point of comparison. Now, a little more about The Glenview as a point of reference.

The Glenview at Pelican Bay is unique as a nonprofit, equity-owned LifeCare Community—the first and only one of its kind in Florida.

It’s designed for seniors who have always owned their own home and want to continue to do so, as well as benefit from the appreciated value when their home sells. As a LifeCare Community, residents of The Glenview enjoy all the services and amenities offered. Additionally, this includes the security of unlimited access to short- and long-term healthcare services at Premier Place, the community’s 5-star health center, as well as outstanding home care from GlenCare Home Care, if ever needed.

MYTH: LifeCare Community is just another term for nursing home or long-term care.


In a LifeCare Community like The Glenview, residents live independently in full-service accommodations. They are designed for seniors who want to live on their own with minimal upkeep. Residents are healthy, mobile, and prefer a simplified, maintenance-free lifestyle pursuing what makes them happy and fulfilled in this chapter of their life.

Contrary to what you may be hearing on the airwaves during this COVID-19 era, LifeCare Communities like The Glenview are NOT nursing homes or assisted living residences. They are vibrant COMMUNITIES—filled with friendly, educated, well-traveled neighbors. They enjoy the same things and value independence and security. Now, Let’s tackle another myth you may have heard.

MYTH: I’ll be lonely and unable to continue with the hobbies and activities I love.


Residents of The Glenview are an active part of the Naples community. Read A Tale of Two Residents about Lila Corner and Cheryl Peters and you’ll be convinced that The Glenview lifestyle with all its social, educational, and entertainment opportunities is truly resident-centered. Optimal services, amenities, and programs like housekeeping, transportation, health and fitness classes, social events, and fine dining are designed to simplify your life. And with the perks and privileges of the Pelican Bay Foundation, you can continue to enjoy everything that first drew you to the coastal life.

With the extra free time, all this activity and opportunity for socialization, who has time to be lonely? A great deal of socialization at The Glenview takes place during mealtime in restaurant-style dining venues, featuring both fine dining and casual meals. This brings us to another myth . . .

MYTH: The food is never good in senior living communities.


You’ve certainly not dined at The Glenview, where menus created by talented Executive Chef David Chidsey incorporate sophisticated dishes, resident requests for family favorites, and traditional comfort foods with fresh flavors and wholesome, seasonal ingredients.

Chef Chidsey is a bit of a celebrity these days after receiving a nomination for the coveted Chef of the Year award from Life Care Services® (LCS). In our May blog, you can read more about Chef Chidsey and how his creativity and ability to source fine foods are second to none. You may also hear the following myth as your search continues.

MYTH: Senior living is expensive.


It can be, but The Glenview’s equity ownership model means you’re investing in your future—and in the community—by purchasing your home. In doing so, you gain the possibility of appreciation that will accrue for you and your estate. Additionally, this includes access to all community services and amenities, healthcare, as needed, and the sense of security that comes with knowing your home is bought and paid for. Even if you’ve paid off your mortgage, homeownership can still be costly. Consider insurance, taxes, upkeep and repairs, utilities, gym memberships, dining, activities, and emergency expenses. A third-party source generated a value analysis, which determined The Glenview the best value in comparison to other Naples CCRC communities.

Read more about the benefits of equity ownership in senior living communities in our blog: Control Your Health and Wealth at the Same Time. And one final myth . . .

MYTH: Communities run by large management companies are institutional. The staff won’t get to know me.


The Glenview staff is truly dedicated to its mission of “providing exceptional personal service and promoting wellness, healthy aging, and lifelong learning.” The relatively low turnover rate speaks to the strong sense of community forged between the staff and residents. LCS ranked among the highest senior living communities in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power. This award demonstrates that The Glenview residents and their families are receiving the care and service they absolutely deserve.

Don’t let the MYTHS get in your way as you continue your search for your perfect retirement lifestyle.

Learn more about independent living at The Glenview on our website and follow us on Facebook for up-to-the-minute news. Call us at 239-431-2652 or register online for a virtual conference with a representative of The Glenview at Pelican Bay.

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