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Let PREMIER PLACE Be Your Care Partner for Recovery and Rehabilitation

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Let PREMIER PLACE Be Your Care Partner for Recovery and Rehabilitation

Joint replacement surgery for severe osteoarthritis of the hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows is a familiar condition for older adults ages 55–80. According to orthopedic surgeons, hip and knee replacement surgeries are the most common joint replacement procedures.

Already, you’re probably able to relate from personal experience. But instead of explaining joint replacement surgeries, we’ll discuss the recovery, rehabilitation, and support you need following such a surgery to easily, safely, and quickly get on with life.

Think about it—your surgery was planned and implemented to improve your quality of life. And the process continues well beyond the operating room. At Premier Place, the 5-Star Health and Rehabilitation Center at The Glenview at Pelican Bay, healthcare professionals and therapists promote healthy healing, strive for successful outcomes, and help keep you on track. The staff does this by:

  • Making recovery quicker and safer than ever.
  • Reducing the possibility of setbacks.
  • Improving your function and mobility.
  • Helping you manage pain.
  • Eliminating stress and increasing confidence as you recover.

Three Ways Premier Place Supports Your Short-Term Rehabilitation

What support can Premier Place provide you, a loved one, or your patient—if you’re a doctor— following joint replacement surgery? We’ve enlisted professional input and advice from Andres Builes, OTD, MBA, OTR, Director of Therapy at Premier Place.

With more than 17 years as an occupational therapist including 10 years in management, Andres knows how critical it is to choose the right skilled nursing community for your therapy and recovery. “Having been at Premier Place for two years, I can say it’s the best in Naples and Collier County for a variety of therapies and care services,” says Andres. “And Premier Place is open to anyone in the area looking for rehabilitation services—you do not have to be a resident of The Glenview.”

#1 – PROGRAMMING. A plan for recovery.

Prehab. Andres often meets with new residents (clients or patients) before surgery. “Some residents tour the community prior to admission, and I’m able to give them an idea of what to expect once they’re here,” he says. “Some will even opt to do “prehab” (therapy prior to surgery) to prepare their bodies for the upcoming surgical procedure. We assist with prehab by educating them on what it will be like after their procedure and what the therapy process might look like following admission to Premier Place.”

Day One. Usually, the day after the new rehab resident is admitted, they’re evaluated by the therapy department and begin an individualized care plan based on specific needs. “This resident-centered, individualized recovery/rehabilitation plan assures that they can return home safely to enjoy their life as they did before,” says Andres.

“On evaluation day, we look at the resident’s current level of function in all areas and compare it to what they were doing before hospitalization. Then, in collaboration with the resident, the family, and the resident’s doctors, we create a plan of care based on the resident’s and family’s priorities for returning home.”

Joint Replacement Rehab. When asked specifically about rehabilitative care programs following joint replacement surgery, Andres responds, “We use standard medical protocols for most hip and knee replacement surgeries and will follow specific doctor’s protocols as designated by the physician. For shoulder replacement or other specialized surgeries, we follow the specific physician protocol the surgeon has set in place. In our therapy gym, we have a physician’s protocol manual for all referring doctors in our area so we pace the resident according to what the surgeon intended.”

Your Surgeon. As rehabilitation progresses, Andres explains that the Premier Place care team reaches out as needed to the doctors in the community. “However, Premier Place can boast that most of our attending doctors visit at least twice a week, and will meet with the resident and family upon request,” Andres says.

Family Visits. Family members can visit their loved ones during therapy sessions to see how recovery is progressing. “Additionally, we have a great social service director who maintains efficient patient and family contact,” says Andres. She schedules a resident/family care plan meeting to provide another opportunity for the interdisciplinary team, the resident, and the family to discuss the plan of care, as well as finalizing discharge planning.

Discharge. Andres shares, “If all goes smoothly, a resident can expect to be back home within 10 to 14 days. Of course, this is dependent upon the resident’s needs, the living environment following discharge, interdisciplinary input supports in place at home, as well as performance during therapy. The resident’s physician is ultimately responsible for discharge from Premier Place.”

#2PROFESSIONAL CARE TEAM. 1:5 staff to resident ratio.

People and Peace of Mind. Premier Place offers peace of mind to residents and their families thanks to the quality of service and care provided by a compassionate group of skilled nurses, therapists, aides, and licensed care professionals who guide you through your personalized rehabilitation. “Once admitted, the new rehab resident is immediately surrounded by a focused professional team who work to make the recovery process as smooth and as efficient as possible,” according to Andres.

Great Outcomes. “Premier Place has a well-trained clinical staff in all areas. The therapy team is compassionate and dedicated to helping residents reach their highest potential. For higher outcomes, we also offer a restorative nursing team who devises a program that complements the exercise and activities the resident engages in during therapy. We have great outcomes with our orthopedic programs, neurological programs, cardiac rehabilitation programs, and general medical rehabilitation. We use a team approach to manage all the resident programs. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists regularly discuss the patient’s performance and goals to the interdisciplinary team.”

Whether you’re recovering after a hospital visit or in need of ongoing medical support, while living at Premier Place, a team of therapists will help you maximize your functional outcomes and achieve your personal goals.

“They discuss together the resident’s progress, strengths, and opportunities, as well as proper discharge recommendations,” says Andres. “And as a result of this communication and team approach, Premier Place has one of the best patient outcomes for skilled nursing in the area.” When you choose Premier Place as your “care partner,” it’s always possible to return for outpatient services following discharge.

#3 SURROUNDINGS. State-of-the-art setting; progressive techniques.

In 2017, Premier Place completed an $11 million renovation, including a new dynamic therapy gym, 42 spacious private rooms, and an increase to the square footage. In the five years since then, the community continues to add more state-of-the-art equipment and rehabilitative systems to accommodate the needs of residents and directives from its physician partners.

As mentioned, a physician’s protocol manual for all referring doctors is kept in the spacious, architecturally award-winning therapy gym so residents can follow their surgeon’s plan. Premier Place therapists specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation and joint replacement recovery including specialized therapies, such as an interactive metronome and vital stim.

Premier Place has helped residents achieve great outcomes with its orthopedic programs, neurological programs, cardiac rehabilitation programs, and general medical rehabilitation.

Once a Premier Place Resident Returns Home—What’s next?

To ensure a successful continuum of care, most Premier Place residents who finish rehab following joint replacement surgery will receive outpatient or in-home care upon discharge.

GlenCare Home Care Agency at The Glenview at Pelican Bay provides extra support when a resident returns home after their rehabilitative therapy plan. The in-home care team serves Collier and Lee Counties, and will go wherever you are—your home, skilled nursing, or assisted living center. They will personalize and manage your therapy plan in coordination with Premier Place clinicians and staff.

It’s good to have a “care partner” like Premier Place who will always know what you need wherever you are!

In Summary . . .

When you’re planning joint replacement surgery, it’s best to have a strategy in place to help you through to recovery. Receiving short-term rehabilitation by a staff of experts can provide you with better outcomes, a faster recovery, and invaluable peace of mind. The benefits of award-winning Premier Place are your best choice.

Want to learn more about how we can help support you or your loved one after joint replacement surgery? Call 239-431-2592 or submit the form to contact us about Premier Place.

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