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Rightsizing Benefits: Make Your Surroundings Fit Your Lifestyle

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Rightsizing Benefits: Make Your Surroundings Fit Your Lifestyle

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the average home size in 1950 was 983 square feet. Their most recent research reports today’s average home size to now be more than 2,584 square feet. That’s an enormous difference over the span of a few decades. And, if your lifestyle has grown with the statistics, you’ve probably accumulated many more possessions than you’re currently using. Here, we’re going to discuss rightsizing benefits in retirement. After all, getting ready for the retirement you’ve dreamed about takes time and planning.

Just as times have changed relative to home sizes, today’s seniors are re-thinking how they actually want to live in their retirement years, and a lot of square footage may not appear to be part of the plan. The experts suggest that empty nesters take a broad look at their plans for retirement 30+ years before they actually want it to happen. This may encompass several different living situations over the later years in life. Some seniors “rightsize” from a large suburban home to a condo in the city. Others maintain the family home as a holiday destination and a home-base while they travel. In every case, your plan as you move toward full retirement could change many times—and maybe you’re already there!

This step-by-step fluctuation in retirement planning gives rightsizing a place of prominence and importance as your plan plays out. And, if you’re ready NOW for the big move, you’ll appreciate any rightsizing you’ve already accomplished. No matter when it occurs in your life, rightsizing has major benefits.

Continual and Focused Rightsizing During Your Retirement Years Can Help You:


Change is good, as they say, and now is the perfect time to make a few changes in your living environment. As long as you’re rightsizing your lifestyle, let your creative juices flow and give your surroundings a refreshing new look—to your specific taste and style, of course. The Glenview will make it so easy for you.

At The Glenview at Pelican Bay, Florida’s only equity ownership, LifeCare Senior Living Community, we have a variety of residence options—18 apartment homes and penthouses from 1,004 square feet up to 3,600 square feet, and one may be just what you’re looking for. After you choose the space, highlight your style by changing and modifying your desired floor plan to suit your tastes. See how other residents have adapted their homes in The Glenview’s ever-popular Parade of Homes tour which is now virtual. Enjoy the tour from the comfort of your own home as you explore how others are enjoying The Glenview’s luxurious coastal living—where the city meets the beach.


Taking care of your home—cleaning, maintenance, and yard work—means work and more money coming out of your budget, even if you have a housekeeper and landscaper. This makes such a strong case for maintenance-free living, the kind you’ll find at The Glenview. Save time. Gain freedom. Re-direct your attention toward exactly what you’d like to do in retirement. At The Glenview, this means resort-style services and amenities that pamper and delight, engage and inspire.


As you “rightsize” into a residence that better fits your lifestyle today, The Glenview is ready to help you reach your goals with our custom Rightsizing Guide. The guide includes information about the importance of decluttering, rightsizing, and organizing your space, along with helpful advice for getting started, and handy checklists for room-by-room decluttering. REQUEST YOUR FREE RIGHTSIZING GUIDE TODAY by completing our online form or calling (239) 342-2328.


The experts say that clutter is simply not good for your state of mind. Having your residence organized not only simplifies your life, but it just feels good and makes things more orderly and efficient. There’s a place for everything—and only what you need. Smaller space. Fewer steps. No stairs. Easier to get around. Greater accessibility. You just might feel safer, more secure, and with increased energy as a real benefit to your changing, fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

The Glenview at Pelican Bay remains an invaluable resource for all our Naples area neighbors and friends planning for retirement. One such long-time friend—now resident—is Bonnie Lynch, whose mother was one of the first residents to move into The Glenview in 1992. Read Bonnie’s Story—complete with lots of pictures—of how she made her new home at The Glenview her own. And stay in touch with all that’s happening in our community on Facebook. 

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