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The Glenview Promotes Heart-Healthy Habits.

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The Glenview Promotes Heart-Healthy Habits.

Most seniors are well-versed in the most common practices needed to improve and maintain heart health. A nutritious diet. Exercise, movement, activity. Reduced stress. Through the Health and Wellness Program at The Glenview at Pelican Bay, we do everything we can to make heart-healthy habits simple for our residents. Here are 4 practical ways our senior living community supports the heart-healthy lifestyles of its residents.

1. Consulting Healthcare Professionals

We always advocate that our residents have a clear understanding of their personal risk factors for heart health. The doctor knows best. When was the last time you checked in for a general visit? It’s important for everyone to monitor blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight—a critical practice for staying on top of personal heart health.

The Glenview is a LifeCare community. Here, we listen, we understand, we help. Our health and wellness support staff helps residents coordinate appointments and medical consultations through the wellness clinic.

2. Eating Healthfully

If you’re like many Americans, you began 2022 with a hard and fast resolution to focus on weight loss. Are you still on track? Don’t be concerned if you’ve drifted off course a little. Just refocus on getting back on track. Your personal health and wellness team can give you a good feeling for how many daily calories you should be eating and drinking in order to maintain a desired heart-healthy weight.

A suggestion: Try to become more aware of nutrition and calorie information on food labels. They typically base their information on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. Depending on your age, gender, and level of activity, you may need fewer or even more calories in your heart-healthy diet.

The culinary team at The Glenview helps our residents stay on track. They prepare fresh, heart-healthy meals daily—meals that check all the boxes for good nutrition and diet, such as a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy sources of protein, vegetable oils, minimal use of added sugars and salt, and foods that are grilled, sautéed, roasted, steamed, baked, or poached.

3. Staying Active

Maintaining a healthy heart still means supporting good diet/nutritional practices with exercise, movement, and activity. Make sure the physical activity you choose is something you enjoy.

At The Glenview, residents have the choice of wellness activities and classes that complement and support all their physical goals. Walking on the beach. Swimming and aquatic exercise classes. Indoor fitness and exercise classes.
Residents are automatically members of the Pelican Bay Community Center, which offers all these resources as well as tennis, aerobics, Pilates, yoga, spinning classes, weights, jazzercise, stretching and balance classes, and more to help residents stay active.

4. Combatting Stress and Worry

Enhancing heart health through a variety of interesting physical activities and exercises, as well as engaging in social interaction, helps eliminate stress and worry, too. A community environment with lots of neighbors and friends around, companionship, numerous activities, and events to share together is just the ticket for eliminating stress from your life. And one more thing—naps are O.K. and great for relieving stress and worry. Try to sneak one in every day!

The Glenview offers activities and events that may be just what you need for a heart-healthy lifestyle. The activities calendar is designed to facilitate comprehensive opportunities for activity, socialization, and stress relief. And consider the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that any future assistance or care you may need will be available to you right onsite as a resident of The Glenview.

Get Inspired at The Glenview

As many Americans re-focus on the importance of heart health this month—join them! And find out how easy it is to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle at The Glenview. Contact us soon to schedule an inspiring personal tour.

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