Residential Life Reviews

I am so pleased to be asked to share my impressions and observations of Glenview. I have several friends who are residents and they wholeheartedly continue to express how happy they are with the staff – their interest and concern for the residents and the kindness shown, especially by Krisandra Panting. Glenview is very fortunate to have someone of her caliber representing them.
Glenview is an excellent establishment and I will continue to give it kudos!
Jeanne Mosher

I looked at three senior living homes. I found that Glenview felt just right. It isn’t a hug campus where you have to get in a golf cart to the dining room. In the third one you do get the feeling you are in a fancy New York hotel. Glenview is elegant and a quiet way.
Diane R.

As a new resident of The Glenview, I was impressed by the staff knowing my name. They were so willing to assist me and helpful. Marilyn does an excellent job keeping us busy with exercising classes. She always seems to be looking for more activities to keep us fit and busy. Maintenance has been there to hang pictures and get my TV going. The dining room facility does an excellent job with dinner menus and delivery. This is a great place to be and I am happy to have made the choice. So glad I met Krisandra, such a big help.
Beverly F.

I am more than happy to write a testimonial on why I like living at The Glenview. My husband passed away 2 years ago. We were snowbirds for 40 years in Pelican Bay. I did not want to live alone in our large villa. Since I had friends at the Glenview, and it was still in Pelican Bay. I felt it would be a good fit for me. I could still workout at the south beach and take advantage of the two beach restaurants. I have a very large family and now they don’t have to worry about me. I call Glenview a lovely small hotel. My granddaughter calls it a five-star dorm. The food is excellent. I have made many more friends. I also have a doctor now who can come to my condo. I feel fruit safe and very happy. I play bridge and mahjong with friends here and have the comfort of knowing, there is skilled nursing and home health agency for any type of help I could ever need at my fingertips.
Ann J.

The personnel taking care of you were excellent. The staff was there when you needed them. The food was also very good. I would recommend for anyone to stay at Premier Place for Rehab.
Wayne M.

GlenCare Home Care

I have had GlenCare services over my years here. We can only say it was always perfect. When I talk about Glenview with my friend, I always tell them it is a superior place. My husband had the most wonderful care on Premier Place. So, believe me I am a resident fan of Glencare and Glenview. I am so grateful that I live here.
Robin R.

I had GlenCare in my home from February to March 2016. Very successful for me, seven days a week 24 hours a day.
Isabelle S.

Glencare was responsive, accommodating and totally professional in working with us on short notice and unanticipated changes. The CNA’s were trained, understanding, and knew how to manage our particular needs. I could not have been more satisfied and confident in the care provided. I would strongly recommend Glencare and the outstanding staff.
Ken W.

Premier Place Health Center

My stay at Premier Place was very good. The care I received was wonderful. The nurses that took care of me were also very good. My CNA’s Rayda, Duleidy, Risell and Lisandra were all wonderful and took great care of me.
Catherine K.

My experience at Premier Place was very pleasant. The care takers were all wonderful. The food was very tasty and the therapy I received was very good and kept me on my toes! I would highly recommend this community to others for their rehabilitation needs.
Judith H.

My stay at Premier Place for rehab was wonderful. The Care givers were very helpful and charming. They would do anything you needed them to do. The therapy I received both in the Morning and in the Afternoon was very good. I was very happy with the entire process of my stay at Premier Place.
Pamela H.

We have only used the podiatrist service, the blood draw and Aaron cleaned out Pete’s ear wax, all very satisfactory–think Jeanine Helped with a bandage.
Joan D.

I had a knee replacement in 2012 and staying in Premier Place for three weeks. Excellent, I just completed one month in November 2020 in Premier Place. Juan has done an excellent job with Premier Place staff and service. Clean and organized staff and service are impeccable. Premier Place is my choice over other health care choices.
Isabelle S.

I brought my mother to the Glenview to investigate if she might be interested in living there. Krisandra was wonderful touring us around the building, showing us all the amenities, and introducing my mother to every resident we passed! Every question was answered, and my mother immediately felt at home. We hope someday soon she will become a resident of the Glenview and enjoy all that it has to offer!
Kathi W.

I was given excellent care during my stay. The therapy department is outstanding. The food was wonderful. All of my needs were met during my stay. I would highly recommend Premier Place for anyone who needs rehab.
Coronne P.

The physical therapy department and nursing staff are outstanding and very professional. I Do recommend that people stay here. The caregivers are astute and are Sympathetic to your needs.
Nancy K.

I had a positive experience at Premier Place. I had great therapist who gave me a lot of attention and help. Everyone was very responsive to my needs.
Cassandra B.

I was very happy with the Nursing Staff and Administration who cared for my mother. The staff is caring and dedicated to the residents. Very happy with the care, amenities and sincerity of the staff. The building is very clean, and the choices of food were plenty. The ease of ordering made it very nice for my mother. I really liked all of the emails I would receive keeping us up to date on COVID and the happenings of not only Premier Place but the Glenview as a whole. It was very comforting that the management team and the Board were on top of things.
Shawn B.

I was very satisfied with the attention I was given from the staff. The therapist, food and staff were all very attentive. Whenever I needed anyone my requests were accommodated. I recommend anyone who is in need of Rehabilitation Services to use Premier Place.
Irene B.

My mother who is 90 doesn’t like being anywhere but home. Well that totally changed! She loved her stay and didn’t want to leave. Says a lot about the services, staff and location of this facility.
Very satisfied and would strongly recommend.
Mike C.

I was very comfortable and felt safe with my stay at Premier Place. The staff were all wonderful. The food was very good, and I enjoyed it. I would definitely come again if I ever needed Rehab services.
Christine B.

The staff was wonderful, and the food was terrific. The food portions were perfectly plated. The nurses, CNA’s and therapy staff were really wonderful. The therapy staff is right on top of you, challenging you to do your best. It was to my benefit to rise to the challenges they set for me. I would recommend Premier Place for any person that needs rehab.
Louis B.

I highly recommend Premier Place at the Glenview when looking for a rehab facility. My mom stayed there last February, and she was very well taken care of. Everyone was so nice and seemed to really care for her well-being. They went out of their way to make sure her needs were met.
Caryn R.